ahad charity

 One God Charity Co-Operative

“In the name of the one God, the merciful, the beneficent”

Ahad Foundation is a faith based initiative with the goal to bring Truth, Peace & Unity.

The aims of the charity are:-

– Setting up of a Baitul Mall (Non Profit Project), which will sell products and services on a non profit basis such as: health products, education/learning, foods and every day essentials. Again ALL PROFITS go to charitable causes.

– Raising the awareness that Islam is a peaceful religion and to show it’s teachings represent this. We wish to answer questions that the non-Muslim public may have. Also to fight and ban the media’s on-going negative portrayal of Islam/Muslims, as this is a key cause of community tension.

– Reaching out to local communities of all backgrounds and faiths to jointly tackle social and health related issues such as; cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, broken families, and examine the real causes.

– The creation and support of other causes/charities and appeals via Ahad Foundation profits and to generate a centre where we can expand our projects and gain the blessings of the One God aka Ahad.

-Below is a picture of some of our works that we have contributed towards in Syria.

syria OG pic



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